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We offer online games and games to download.

  • Massively multiplayer browser games - Kingdom Wars
  • Strategy games - Slay, Conquest, Generals, etc
  • Mods - Unreal Tournament 2004
  • Tools

The first online game to be released is Kingdom Wars -- scheduled for release end of summer 2007.

We also sell discounted software along with some of the games. This helps pay for development, server, and bandwidth costs. If you feel inspired to donate, we have that option as well.


for the games, forum, and announcements...

Currently, we are still in development for the online games. When a game is released or when there is a major announcement, let us notify you by registering now. Sign up now! or Login

Our Goal

One of our primary goals for our multiplayer online games is to make fun games without having to be time consuming. Most of the massively multiplayer games out there require a lot of time to make any progress or many clicks just to do a simple task. We want to bring the fun back into online games.